2017 Audi Q6 Review, Beautiful Exterior

Audi is working hard to upgrade its crossover lineup. To achieve this, the automaking company is expected to release the 2017 Audi Q6 which will be better looking and more powerful compared to the previous models. This particular vehicle will have state of the art features which will make it ideal for modern car buyers. Furthermore, it is expected to have a powerful engine that will make it ideal to be used in different types of terrains.

2017 Audi Q6 front view

2017 Audi Q6 – Strikingly Beautiful Exterior:

The design of the 2017 Audi Q6 is anticipated to be based on making the vehicle more elegant and give it a sporty look. The upcoming Q6 will be based on the 2014 Prologue concept and therefore people can expect a better-looking vehicle. One of the outstanding exterior features of this new vehicle is having a swooping roof line which will allow the car to move with higher speed because of reduced air resistance. It will have angular head lights which will make it look sleeker.

These head lights will be more powerful and therefore, the driver will have better vision even while driving at night. There will also be a hard angled grille and improved bumpers which will make the car look stronger. The doors of this vehicle will be deeply sculpted to allow easier opening. The tail lights of this vehicle will be similar to the ones on the based concept. The cabin and other interior features of the 2017 Audi Q6 will be improved to make it even more convenient. On the cabin, there will be a big touch screen which will be used to control diverse features of the vehicle including the newly upgrade infotainment system. This screen will also be helpful in alerting the driver about the status of some of the vehicle’s features such as the pressure and fuel levels.

Buyers of this 2017 Audi Q6 can also expect to find modern seats with comfortable back rests and will be covered using leather. These seats will be positioned in a manner that all the occupants will have ample leg and head spaces. There will option for different upholstery depending on the price of car chosen. This vehicle will also have diverse safety items such as the modern automatic airbags. For connectivity purposes, there will be various features such as a USB port, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth amongst others. This vehicle will be endowed with an automatic starting system and all the windows will be controlled using a remote control.

2017 Audi Q6 interior

2017 Audi Q6 – Modifications in the Engine:

This 2017 Audi Q6 will have a driving force made of four electric motors with each motor on each wheel just like in the R8 e-tron. This system will be able to produce a power of 500 hp and an equally high torque. The four motors will be fueled using a 100 kWh battery which will have a range of about 200 miles. It will be easy to charge the battery since it will come with a portable and easy to use a charging system. The engine will have a high acceleration rate where it will be able to move from 0 to 60 mph within just seven seconds and will have a top speed of 125 mph.

2017 Audi Q6 rear view

2017 Audi Q6 – Expected Date of Arrival and Price:

The release date of this new 2017 Audi Q6 is anticipated to be on mid-2016 since it is already in advanced development stages. The price of this vehicle will vary depending on the features but it is expected to be just slightly higher than the previous models.

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