Audi A1 2017 Review, High Quality and Unique Feature

The Audi A1 2017 has been redesigned on both the exterior and interior with a primary objective of making the vehicle more appealing than its predecessor. The redesigning has, in turn, made this vehicle one of the vehicles whose release is highly anticipated. Even though the exterior has the same general appearance as the current model, it is evident that there are some revisions on some of the areas. The interior of this Audi A1 2017 has also been upgraded where there is the introduction of some new features and some of those available in the current model have been upgraded. Furthermore, the power source of this modern vehicle has been reinforced to make it stronger and more fuel efficient.

AUDI A1 2017 front

Audi A1 2017 – High Quality and Unique Feature:

This modern vehicle has different styles and customers even have freedom to customize a certain style to provide the vehicle with a certain style. One of the most visible changes is the grille being wider where now it covers a significant percentage of the front consequently making the vehicle look more aggressive. It is also evident that the headlights of the Audi A1 2017 have been restyled where now they look more rectangular consequently enhancing the aggressiveness of the vehicle. This modern vehicle still comes with a wide bumper whose role is to cover and protect some of the attributes in the front area while still making the vehicle look intimidating. The makers of this vehicle also installed large air spaces on the lower front area with an objective of letting the engine get ample cooling air. On the back, this Audi A1 2017 has shapely tail lights which are important in making the whole back area look elegant. One can also see the turning lights on the side mirror caps and rain sensing wipers on the windshield. Furthermore, the number of colors in which this vehicle is available in has been increased to give buyers to choose their most preferred colors.

Audi A1 2017’s interior has been loaded with some of the latest elements including a modern air conditioning unit and a new infotainment system with surround audio attributes. Further technologically oriented attributes of this vehicle include an assortment of connection possibilities which include wireless Bluetooth and the fastest internet. The steering wheel has been made using some of the most recent technologies where its sensitivity has been increased to give the driver a better control of the vehicle. On the dashboard, the Audi A1 2017 has a large color touch screen which is complimented by the simple attributes and good lighting that ensures the driver can readily see all the attributes even at night. Users of the vehicle can also feel safe since there are seat belts and automatic air bags for all the occupants seating on the spacious and comfortable seats.

Audi A1 2017 interior

Audi A1 2017 – Engine and Transmission:

There are two engine options for this vehicle where the standard unit is a 1.4 liter unit with an output of 120 HP. The unit comes with a seven-speed either manual or automated transmission. The engine has a high fuel efficiency which is one of the most important aspects of any modern vehicle that is designed to fit in the modern market.

AUDI A1 2017 side

Audi A1 2017 – Expected Launch and Price:

Makers of this modern and elegant vehicle are anticipated to release it during the first half of 2016 and the anticipated price of the vehicle will be in the range of $ 19, 000.

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