2017 BMW 3-series Specs, Estimated Arrival and Price

The 2017 BMW 3-series is a luxury and a sporty vehicle that is coming as an improved version of the current model. This means there are some similarities between the new vehicle and its predecessor but the new one looks sleeker. The exterior appearance speaks volume that this is definitely a modern vehicle that is one of the most attractive autos in its category. This 2017 BMW 3-series has also been fitted with first class interior attributes which provide maximum convenience and comfort to all the passengers. It also comes with an upgraded engine that is meant to make the vehicle very efficient and reliable.

2017 BMW 3-series front

2017 BMW 3-series – Body and Design:

This new vehicle is expected to be significantly lighter than the current model. This reduction in weight is brought about by some of the essential elements of the vehicle being made using high strength steel, fiber, aluminum and other light but tough material. The reduction in weight has, in turn, made the vehicle very fuel-efficient and has also enabled the vehicle move faster. On the front, the 2017 BMW 3-series comes with the signature butterfly grill where on this modern vehicle it looks bold and has the BMW logo on the middle upper area. The headlamps of this vehicle touch the hood slightly but they are detached from the grille and extend a few inches to the sides, therefore, making the vehicle look aggressive. The bumper is still big but has slightly been redesigned where it has finer lines and is still effective in covering and protecting some of the front attributes. The back area of this 2017 BMW 3-series there is sleeker looking and sharp tail lights which make the whole back area of the vehicle look elegant. This vehicle rides on alloy covered wheels which are wrapped with high-performance tires for better driving dynamics. The makers of this vehicle have also decided to give users more options to choose from through making the vehicle available with a combination of different colors. The dimensions of the vehicle are 171 inches long, 70.9 inches wide and 62.1 inches tall.

The interior of the BMW 3-series is dominated by a dark Eurocentric theme which makes the vehicle feel classy and luxurious. There is leather covered and adjustable seats on the interior which are also adequately spacious. The interior of this luxurious vehicle has also been fitted with several connection possibilities and a newly improved infotainment system that is controlled from the thirteen-inch screen on the dashboard. The 2017 BMW 3-series has a modern temperature regulating system that keeps the interior temperatures at standard levels. There are also many high-quality security and safety attributes inside the vehicle including automatic air bags.

2017 BMW 3-series interior

2017 BMW 3-series – Fuel Economy and Top Speed:

Under the hood, there is a turbocharged DOHC 16 valve 3.0-liter six-cylinder unit with the ability to generate 320 HP. The engine is paired with a six-speed automated transmitter and is available in a four-wheel drive system. The unit also has high fuel efficiency and low emission of 20/29 mpg. The engine also enables the vehicle move faster and get high acceleration rates from 0 to 62 in 4,9 sec, with the top speed of 149 mph.

2017 BMW 3-series rear

2017 BMW 3-series – Estimated Arrival and Price:

The makers of this vehicle are expected to launch new model during the last half of 2016. The price will be around $35,000.

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