2017 BMW M4 GTS Price, Premium Style and Fresh New Look

Like many high-performance cars, the M3 model from BMW also provides the ideal platform for a dozen special-edition models. We are quite sure that you can’t forget remarkable E46-based CSL or E36-based GTR editions of the first-generation M3. But probably one of the best-performing M3s in history is GTS model. This model was launched in 2010 and with only 250 units built; this model was lighter and more powerful version than the E92 M3. Today, in the spirit of mentioned models, we are going to present you the most recent M4 GTS model, named 2017 BMW M4 GTS. According to BMW Company, this model is tested for many months and revealed throughout the week of the Stone Beach Concours. It is certain that the resulting model is going to provide very attractive exterior and interior design as well as stunning performances.

2017 BMW M4 GTS front view

2017 BMW M4 GTS – Premium Style and Fresh New Look:

The attractive exterior design is normal for BMW vehicles, so the appearance of the approaching model is something that should not surprise us. This model looks just perfect and this is the reason why all people eagerly await its release date. The front fascia of this model is slightly redesigned and here we can notice an adjustable carbon-fiber splitter as well as a wider air intake positioned in the center of the bumper. Both features reduce front axle lift and optimize air flow in order to improve the performance of the vehicle. If you think that the hood is identical as in the regular unit you are wrong and even though it looks the same, this one is made from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. This fact makes the vehicle lighter and improves its performance and speed. Furthermore, the front fascia is finished with a high-gloss black twin-kidney grille and acid orange stripe on the splitter. From the sides, this model looks identical as the standard M4 and here we can notice large black-colored alloy wheel, size 19 inches. The large spoiler at the rear side is here to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Inside the cabin, the resulting 2017 BMW M4 GTS is based on the regular M4 but with some additional features. For a sportier feel, almost everything you see inside is finished in black or dark gray. Alcantara covers the seats and the steering wheel while the “GTS” lettering located in the dashboard is finished in orange. Just like the exterior, the cabin is with reference to weight-saving measures. Bucket racing seats with lighter backrests are offered as standard. Pretty much everything inside is made to save some weight, and this actually shows us how much is this car racing-leaning.

2017 BMW M4 GTS interior
2017 BMW M4 GTS – Engine and Associated Details:

Motivating of the M4 GTS will be 3.0-liter, an inline-six engine that we can see in the standard M4. Of course, the max output is different, so the 2017 BMW M4 GTS has the capability of generating 493 hp and 443 pound-feet of torque, and that is almost 70 hp and 37 pound-feet more than in the regular M4. With more power and less weight, the speed is definitely something that is normal for the 2017 BMW M4 GTS. The approaching model has very good acceleration from 0-60 mpg; it is 3.7 second while the top speed of the latest M4 GTS is rated at 190 mph. This engine is mated to a seven-speed dual clutch transmission system.

2017 BMW M4 GTS rear view
2017 BMW M4 GTS – Date of Arrival and Price:

The starting price for the anticipated 2017 BMW M4 GTS will be around $67.000. We can expect only 700 units of this model, and 300 of 700 are going to be shipped to the U.S. The release date should be by the end of this year. The main rival to the M4 GTS is Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Edition 1.

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