2017 BMW M4 Coupe, Stylish Exterior

If BMW had to be described in two words, those would have to be reliable and well-built. What’s to say about their M series besides that every single one of those cars turned out to be a full success. The same goes for the 2017 BMW M4, as it is definitely a staggering work of German engineering, design and more of all craftsmanship. This particular vehicle will come in the form of an all-round rear-wheel drive convertible or coupe with a six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic gearbox. In fact – it has got every single thing a modern day driver could ever want from his vehicle.

2017 BMW M4 front
2017 BMW M4 – Rich Interior and Stylish Exterior:

As far its design goes, the 2017 BMW M4 is going to be slick, stylish and aerodynamic with a reasonable boot space in the back. For the sake of losing weight, lighter materials will be used in many areas, such as carbon fiber which will be reinforcing its rooftop, or aluminum on its front fenders and hood. The lines on the bottom sides of the car, the folding side mirrors, xenon headlights, alloy wheels and an all-around sporty body give this German two-door car a look that will surely turn heads upon passing by. Have in mind tho – that’s only its standard equipment. If you decide to pay more, you will get a rear view camera or a surrounding camera, parking sensors, and lots of other accessories and equipment. Inside it is going to be built out of materials that let the driver feel the sporty attitude of this vehicle, but which don’t deny him the luxury every BMW has to offer. Its dashboard will be covered in leather and it’s heated seats, with a single-shaped headrest, are going to be performance adjusted and have an M logo on them. The 2017 BMW M4 will be equipped with the iDrive system, various safety features, cruise control, BMW’s navigation, Bluetooth, a 16 speaker Harmon Kardon premium sound system and a ton of other neat accessories and features meant to satisfy the need of luxury and comfort.

2017 BMW M4 interior

2017 BMW M4 – Under the Hood:

The best part of every BMW M series is always considered to be their engines. You can’t possibly be left unsatisfied on that field. To ensure that the tradition goes on, the 2017 BMW M4 is going to be packed with an impressive 3.0-liter gasoline fueled turbocharged 6 inline cylinder monster under its hood, with up to 425 hp. It climbs to an immense 5500-7300 rpm, manages to produce 406 feet of torque and can accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 163 mph. It guzzles 17 or 24 mpg according to whether it’s being driven in the city or on a highway.

2017 BMW M4 rear

2017 BMW M4 – Price and Development:

The 2017 BMW M4 is expected to be released in the first half of 2017, for a price starting from $67.000,00 for the coupe and $74.200,00 for the convertible version. It is a price to pay, but by paying it you sure do get a lot in return – a fast and reliable car that handles well in everyday traffic, but turns into a highway devouring monster when the road is clear. By building this particular model, BMW has most definitely managed to hold the great M series tradition of successful car craftsmanship.

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