2017 BMW M5 Specs, Improved Body

The 2017 BMW M5 is a fascinating vehicle in all senses including its exterior, interior and power source. This is not a surprise because the vehicle will be marking the BMW’s 100th anniversary and therefore it is obvious that this giant auto making company will be making a special vehicle. The outer appearance of this new 2017 BMW M5 has different special attributes which are carefully crafted by the top engineers from this company. The interior is stylish and luxurious with almost everything installed being modern and technologically oriented. All the exterior and interior attributes of this vehicle are complimented by a powerful and reliable power source consequently making the vehicle suitable for the modern market.

2017 BMW M5 front

2017 BMW M5 – Improved Body and Interior:

The most noticeable attribute on the exterior of this vehicle is that its bonnet is much elaborated, there are some additional elements and this bonnet extends to the front area of the vehicle. This has played a significant role in making the 2017 BMW M5 look more futuristic and sporty. This vehicle still comes with the signature butterfly grille that is common in BMW vehicles but on this vehicle, the grille is slim to ensure the vehicle look very aggressive. The bumper on the front area of the vehicle is big enough to protect most of the elements on the front while still making the vehicle look powerful. The headlight style has also been improved where on the 2017 BMW M5 they are sharper and they extend to the hood consequently making the vehicle look very aggressive. These modern headlights use the latest LED technology to make them more power economical and also more effective in enhancing the driver’s vision. The back-end of this stylish vehicle has a brand new style of the tail lights which now look more elegant. The wheels that this vehicle rides on have an alloy covering and they are wrapped with high-quality tires to ensure the vehicle provide users with optimum performance.

On the interior, the 2017 BMW M5 has been fitted with a modern air conditioning system that works automatically to keep the interior temperatures cool. This new vehicle also has a spacious interior and seats covered with soft leather to provide occupants with maximum comfort. Its dashboard is friendlier and well-lit where the driver can reach all the necessary components conveniently. There is also a big color screen on this cabin that shows the driver the status of various features and also helps in controlling some of the features. Occupants of the vehicle have liberty to use the modern infotainment unit and connect different exterior gadgets through the connection possibilities found inside the 2017 BMW M5. For safety purposes, there are side airbags including the driver’s knee air bag and they are further complimented by the seat belts.

2017 BMW M5 interior

2017 BMW M5 – Engine Specifications:

Under the massive bonnet of this modern sporty vehicle, there is a 4.4-liter unit that has a power output of about 560 HP. Instead of the eight-speed transmission used on the current model this upcoming vehicle will be using a six-speed auto transmission. Buyers will also get to choose between a front wheel drive system and an all-wheel drive system. The engine is anticipated to come with high fuel efficiency and will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3,7 sec.

2017 BMW M5 rear

2017 BMW M5 – Possible Arrival Date and Estimated Cost:

The new vehicle is expected to be available in dealers’ showrooms in the last half of 2016 and its price tag will be in around $95,000.

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