2017 BMW X3 Review, Engine and Fuel Economy

BMW is a name of quality. This manufacturer is famous for its luxury and heavy-duty vehicles. With the passage of time, this manufacturer has launched numerous considerable driving opportunities to beat the existing competition. Recently, the company has announced to produce an outstanding mid-sized SUV. This SUV will definitely help the drivers to enjoy the function of heavy-duty cars. It would become an outstanding facility for the people who love to drive the high-speed vehicles without counting the surface standards. The new 2017 BMW X3 will be an amazing opportunity for fans.

2017 BMW X3 front

2017 BMW X3 – Design, Features, and Specs:

The vehicle will get a marvelous design. It will help the users to enjoy the decent look and special style. The weight of the car will be reduced significantly in order to support the engines. Aluminum will make a major contribution to make the structure.

This vehicle will give an amazing look and appearance. The major and minor changes have been made for the superior quality. Headlights and grill will receive major changes while bonnet and rims will be changed slightly. It is very easy to find the superb look of rims. Aluminum based rims are providing good support to 18 inches tires. The bonnet has no curves. However, the grille is divided into two sections. This will be a new design for the fans. There are several openings in the grille. The headlights and indicators are present in a single box equipped with LED technology.

The interior side is very comfortable. There are several multiple functions and features in this SUV. This mid-sized SUV is spacious and comfortable from inside. It has power steering, a new gearbox, satellite radio, digital sound system with 5 speakers, large LED display of 8.7 inches and a quick response touch pad. The 2017 BMW X3 will also present GPS, Satellite Radio, Navigation and Google Maps. Automatic door, window and driving systems are also present.

2017 BMW X3 interior

2017 BMW X3 – Engine and Fuel Economy:

2017 BMW X3 will have multiple power options. The engines will give an output from 180 to 300 hp. Major features include the 4 cylinders with the Turbocharged facility. This engine will give 240 horsepower. The hybrid version is also expected in future. The hybrid engine will bring a 90 hp electric motor. As a collective, the new engine will supply 300 hp and 440 lb-ft torque to the new SUV. This all wheels drive option will cover 19 mpg in the city. The highway mileage will be 26 mpg.

This vehicle will face a strong rivalry with Mercedes-Benz GLC and Audi Q3. The 2017 BMW X3 consists of airbags all around, anti-lock brake system and cruise control.

2017 BMW X3 rear

2017 BMW X3 – Date of Launch and Predicted Price:

BMW has been updated the information about the price of new BMW X3 and will be around $40,000. The vehicle will be launched in the early season of 2017. The company will use the events of Detroit or New York auto shows to introduce this SUV.

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