2017 BMW X5 Redesign

Are you waiting for a new SUV? Several existing options are available for fans but driving a latest model gives a new pleasure. The users interested to find the impressive SUV options should focus on the current activities of BMW. With lots of impressive vehicles and cars, this manufacturer is enjoying a leading position in the automobile world. The SUV facilities offered by BMW are being famous. This is a reason a new 2017 BMW X5 is about to come.

2017 BMW X5 front

2017 BMW X5 – Body and Innovations:

BMW will utilize a new facility (platform) this time. The manufacturer is interested in using a modern design for the 2017 BMW X5 SUV. Unlike previous models, this model will be less in weight. Aluminum with steel will make a light weight structure.

Exterior features are very impressive. It is not going to change the running concepts but it will give a new idea for the structure designing. The front of this SUV is attractive because of the grill. A scientific approach has been used for the use of headlights and indicators. LED technology is also present to make the vehicle more attractive. Grille of this SUV is interesting because of the BMW based designing. The grille is divided into two main sections divided by a sleek line of metal. Bonnet has several curves and upraised areas. The tires are 19 inches with aluminum rims. Interior designing of the 2017 BMW X5 SUV is considered necessary. Drivers will get a spacious and luxury driving cabin. This driving cabin is equipped with decent dashboard having a power steering, a new gearbox, large HD display of 8 inches, two speedometers, satellite radio and leather upholstery. Modern features such as USB, Bluetooth, Smartphone connectors and Wi-Fi are also present. It will be equipped with new updated GPS Navigation and Google maps for the improved driving experienced.

2017 BMW X5 interior

2017 BMW X5 – Engine Information:

The manufacturer has not updated the information about an engine. However, the experts are expecting a 300 hp engine. This engine will handle the power generation requirements of this SUV. There are several rumors about the production of the hybrid engine. We are waiting for the official updates in order to confirm all these things. The new BMW X5 will present an economical drive option. Information about the fuel consumption sand engine performance can be evaluated after getting the updates about engine options in new BMW X5.

This will be a big release for the competitors of this model. The new BMW X5 2017 will compete with the Toyota Highlander, Ford Explorer, and Nissan Pathfinder. This SUV will be equipped with all standard safety features such as airbags, seat belts, cruise control, automatic door locks, anti-lock brake system and anti-theft alarms.

2017 BMW X5 rear

2017 BMW X5 – When and How Much?

The price of 2017 BMW X5 will be around $56,000. However, this vehicle will appear in the markets in last months of 2017.

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