2017 BMW X7 Review, Body Appearance

This car manufacturer is producing several interesting models and series. The current activities of the BMW are more interesting for the buyers. It is expected that a new series will appear very soon. This will be 2017 BMW X7.

2017 BMW X7 front view

2017 BMW X7 – Body Appearance:

BMW will make this new model an approaching concept. The new model will use a modern platform. The structural weight of the vehicle is less because of the aluminum utilization. Steel will get a vital role to offer durability.

Exterior decoration of 2017 BMW X7 SUV is based on the latest approaches. It has been tried to keep the design attractive for the buyers. The bonnet is longer than previous SUV ideas. It is believed that new SUV will bring a bonnet having minor curves. The headlights and indicators will be powerful because of LED technology. A single light box with crystal cover will be used for both lights. The grill of this SUV is standard BMW based. It is divided into two sections. Each section is divided by a metallic layer. The grille is wider with large openings. The tires are 19 to 20 inches. This is for the improved road grip. Aluminum rims will act as perfect decoration effort.

Interior of the new BMW SUV will offer spacious driving cabin. The attractive layout will make it very impressive for the drivers and passengers. This full-size SUV has a seating capacity of seven passengers. Power steering, a new gearbox, interior climate control, automatic weather updates, satellite radio, adjustable seats, leather upholstery and 2 speedometers are part of driving experience. There is a large HD display (8 inches) screen for the improved navigation and GPS.

2017 BMW X7 interior

2017 BMW X7 – Dependable Engine:

BMW will install a Twin-Power 3.0 liters fuel capacity engine. This engine has a 6-inline facility. Another 4.4liter fuel capacity engine with V-8 version will be in the offer also. This engine will produce 300 hp with 300 lb-ft torque. The 2017 BMW X7 will use 8-speed automatic transmission. This all wheels drive facility will get optional front wheel drive facility.Confirmation about the hybrid engine is awaited.

The fuel consumption rate of this SUV will be lower. It will cover 28 mpg in the city. The highway drive will cover 31 miles per gallon.The competition of 2017 BMW X7 will occur with the Lexus LX 570, Ford Expedition, Cadillac Escalade and especially with Mercedes-Benz GLS. This SUV has airbags in all directions, anti-lock brake system, and anti-theft alarms. Automatic door and window locks are also important.

2017 BMW X7 rear view

2017 BMW X7 – Release Date and Price Range:

The price of new BMW X7 will be $60,000. This is the base price with high chances of increase. BMW will introduce this SUV in US markets after August 2017.

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