BMW M9 Concept

BMW has created several models before, but BMW M9 is the finest model of this company. The design of this model is created by professional designers. This model possesses all updated features, properties and cutting edge technology.

BMW M9 front

BMW M9 – Beautiful Exterior:

The appearance of this model is similar to BMW coupe with updated exterior end. The latest technology is used to bring some innovation on the exterior and interior side of this vehicle. Now this beautiful vehicle is ready for its final release to satisfy the customers. The exterior side of BMW M9 is equipped with LED lights and radiator grille. The LED lights are installed in the form of a thin line. In order to make the rear view perfect company has also installed LED lights on the rear end. The lights are installed in the form of L pattern to bring some innovation. The spot lights are also installed. The height of this model is greater than its predecessors and passengers will enjoy more comfort and relax inside the cabin. The rear end or back of this vehicle is short but the front end is long and stylish. The sportier look and long bonnet of this vehicle will also create a good impression on passengers. Apart from these features, we can also expect too many other features in this vehicle.

The new M9 possesses new interior features like abundant space, music system, safety products and battery chargers. The key interior features include two sporty seats, dashboard, leather covers and cargo space. The seats are equipped with advanced adjustment features to make the sure convenience of passengers. The list of safety produces in this model includes airbags, parking sensors, door locks and cameras. The rear view camera will offer assistance in handling the process. These are most important security products of this model. The company tried to make this sporty care secure for the passengers. Now photos of this model are available on the web.

BMW M9 interior

BMW M9 – Powerful Engine and Performance:

The new M9 is available with two engine options, first is a V8 engine and second is a V12 engine. This model has greater speed than others to give it the sporty touch. In order to increase the speed, the company tried to reduce the weight of this model. Hence, this model has more power. The automatic gearbox and six speeds automatic transmission system is expected. We may find this model in all wheel power supply system.

The list of competitors of this model is very long. The safety features include satellite navigation and anti-lock brakes. The BMW M9 has little bit high fuel consumption in comparison to other cars. It will be around 18 mpg in city and 22 mpg on highway road condition.

BMW M9 rear view

BMW M9 – Possible Arrival Date and Estimated Cost:

The company didn’t reveal any kind of information related to price and release date of BMW M9 model. We can expect the possible release date in beginning of 2016.

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