BMW X1 2017 Review, Powertrain

The new model BMW X1 2017 is expected to be sporty and very stylish based on leaks and rumors that are going around. The previous model of the car had a powerful engine but in addition, to this, the new model is expected to have other attractive features as well both internally and externally. This is a move that is expected to appeal to the lovers of sporty SUVs and not just the buyers who care more about the engine performance.

BMW X1 2017 Front

BMW X1 2017 – Body Style Changes:

The front bumper on new BMW X1 2017 will be designed to allow large air intakes that are very vital for efficient cooling of the powerful engine. The bumper will also meet the aerodynamics standards that will enable it to achieve top speed within a short time. The model will also have Led fog lights that will improve road visibility for the driver during foggy conditions. In an effort to reduce weight and fuel consumption the chassis of this new model will be made of carbon fiber and aluminum both of which are known to be extremely light. The car will also have alloy wheels 18 and 19 Inches with an improved sports system of suspension.

The interior features of the BMW X1 2017 model on the other end are expected to be very stylish and elegant featuring a control panel and seats covered with finest Alcantara type of leather. This is meant to give you the ultimate pleasure of driving. The driver will also enjoy a skin covered steering wheel which will provide a smooth feel when driving. Apart from the typical steering function of the steering the wheel will also feature a couple of other functionalities as well as the M Package character which will be at the bottom. The car will, in addition, have a modern navigation system with a 6.5-inch touchscreen plus dual zone climate control functionality, high-end audio devices having seven speakers, USB support, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, airbags, real-time traffic updates among others.

BMW X1 2017 interior

BMW X1 2017 – Powertrain Configuration:

Based on various rumors flying around the BMW X1 2017 model will have a twin turbo V6 engine with a 2.0-liter capacity. The twin turbo engine will have the ability to produce up to 228 hp. This engine will be paired with an (8) eight-speed dual automatic clutch transmission permanent all-wheel drive of BMW commonly known as xDrive. Based on the specs and features, however, the model will face a competition from two car models the Mercedes AMG GLA45 and the Audi RS Q3 due to the close relation of features they have.

BMW X1 2017 rear

BMW X1 2017 – Release Date and How Much will Cost:

The  X1 BMW model is expected to be released in early 2017 preferably during the first months. Some Markets will probably get the model in January while others will have to wait until February or march. The price is not yet out but the estimated amount will anything between $36,000 and $ 50,000.

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