Borgward BX7 SUV Revival

The Borgward is an unpopular German automobile manufacturer which was once very ambitious but forced into liquidation in 1961. Despite the negative publicity which led to its exit from the market, many customers still have fond memories of the model and are eager to see the brand back on the roads and perhaps own one. The manufacturer will mark its re-entry into the automobile industry with the anticipated release of the Borgward BX7 SUV which is a very distinct crossover from its predecessors except for the diamond-shaped badge on its grille.

Borgward BX7 SUV front view

Borgward BX7 SUV – External and Internal Features:

Its exterior dimensions and design are similar to that of the Audi Q5 in aspects like taillights, rear bumper, and the roofline. Although the Borgward SUV has borrowed a number of styling designs from other models, it is still a car to behold with excellent sporty features complimented by an aggressive front bumper. On its rear is a pair of wide exhaust pipes and wider wheels which give the model a masculine appearance.

A quick glance into the Borgward SUV BX7 interior reveals leather-wrapped seats, aluminum trim, a premium cabin, soft wooden surfaces, and a classy dashboard. The Borgward BX7 SUV info-entertainment system will comprise of a Wi-Fi hotspot system, a MIMI Controller, and a 12.3-inch touch screen next to the driver which supports multiple interactions and can be connected to android and apple devices. With a boot capacity of 1344 liters, owners of this SUV will not have to worry of bulky goods or huge cargo.

Borgward BX7 SUV -Safety Features and Gadgets:

Safety is a paramount aspect in the design and manufacture of automobiles, and the Borgward BX7 SUV has safety systems and devices to ensure a more secure driving experience. These include a braking assistance, adaptive cruise control system, pedestrian, and surround view camera system among others.

Borgward BX7 SUV interior

Borgward BX7 SUV – Engine Options:

The Borgward BX7 standard model will be run by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine producing 221 hp and mated to the front wheels through a seven-speed dual transmission system.

A hybrid version, the PHEV will also be available and will have its rear wheels powered by an electric motor connected to the front-axle through an electric control unit. Its 2.2-liter diesel engine mated to the front wheels by a seven-speed dual clutch transmission will produce 400 hp and an extra electric power capable of powering the car for almost fifty-five kilometers.

The Borgward BX7 SUV will have a top speed of 125 miles per hour and will be able to accelerate from rest to a speed of sixty miles per hour in six seconds.

Borgward BX7 SUV rear view

Borgward BX7 SUV – Release Date, Price, and Competitors:

The SUV will be first released to the China market at the end of 2016 but will arrive in the European market in 2017. The BX7 will cost buyers $36,500 and some of its closest competitors will be the Audi Q5, the BMW X3, and the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC. The manufacturer’s management and sales team are confident of its performance in the market and have predicted an ambitious sales target of 800,000 sales in the globe by the year 2020.

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