2017 Chevy Bolt Specs, New Features

The 2017 Chevy Bolt makes its entrance into the market as a modern electric car that has the ability to provide customers with almost all what they need in a vehicle at an affordable price. The primary reason why this particular vehicle comes as one of the most affordable vehicles in the market is because there rebates and incentives on such vehicles to encourage automakers to produce a vehicle with low emissions. There are all the latest technologically oriented attributes found in modern vehicles inside the 2017 Chevy Bolt. The interior and exterior attributes of the vehicle are complimented by a strong power source with a high range.

2017 Chevy Bolt front view

2017 Chevy Bolt – New Features:

This modern electric vehicle looks futuristic with a number of exterior features making it very appealing. The front area has sharp headlights which are essential in making the electric vehicle look aggressive. These lights use LED bulbs which are essential since they consume much less power than their traditional component, therefore, enabling the vehicle to save power for other uses. One can also note the stylish grille mounted on the front fascia of this 2017 Chevy Bolt. The vehicle is also endowed with an enormous bumper that also houses the fog lights and the main role of this bumper is to protect most of the elements in the front area. The rear area has well designed and sharper tail lights. On the sides the vehicle has rapidly rising body lines which mean that the windows for the rear passengers are smaller than those in the front. There is modern rain sensing wipers on the windshield which can automatically sense any wetness without the driver having to switch them on. This 2017 Chevy Bolt comes with sloping roof line at the back and rides on elegant aluminum covered wheels which are wrapped with high-quality tires to improve handling.

On the interior, the 2017 Chevy Bolt has a lot of space where there is plenty of room for the passengers and also for cargo. The interior also has the latest air conditioning system which maintains the interior temperatures at standard levels even when the exterior is cold or hot. This new electric vehicle has also been loaded with a modern infotainment system which can even be connected with other modern gadgets through USB ports, Wi-Fi, and wireless Bluetooth. 2017 Chevy Bolt comes with a very friendly and simple dashboard which besides being neatly arranged is also well lit therefore enabling the driver to see all the attributes even while driving at night. The dashboard also comes with a big color screen that lets the driver know the status of different attributes including the battery power levels. For safety, there are side automatic air bags and strong seat belts on all seats.

2017 Chevy Bolt interior

2017 Chevy Bolt – Engine Specs:

This modern vehicle has a pure electric power source where its power system has a range of more than 200 miles. The vehicle also comes with a fast charging possibility where within a short time the vehicle can be charged therefore making it very reliable. The power system of this vehicle is also built in a way that the vehicle can be able to move relative fast and also get high acceleration rates.

2017 Chevy Bolt rear view

2017 Chevy Bolt – Release Date and Price:

The release date of this modern electric vehicle is anticipated to be towards the end of 2016 with a starting price range of $ 37, 500, therefore, making it one of the most affordable vehicles in this category.

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