2017 Chrysler Town and Country Interior, Engine Options

With the passage of time, the seven-passenger vehicles have become very attractive for the commercial customers. These vehicles have gained the special attention just because of the ample space. Today, the Chrysler is taking a leading position in order to manufacture seven passenger cars. The Chrysler offers specialized drive options for the fans. With the passage of time, it has launched several attractive opportunities in order to maintain the market recognition. It would be great to focus on the outstanding specialties present in the Town and Country series. Chrysler has decided to improve this series by introducing a new model 2017 Chrysler Town and Country.

2017 Chrysler Town and Country front view

2017 Chrysler Town and Country – Exterior and Interior:

The spy shots have arrived in the markets. It is very clear from the photos that the new 2017 Chrysler Town and Country model will be continuity of its previous models. The designing of the new vehicle is a complete novel approach. Weight reduction is a major facility by using aluminum with steel.

Exterior decoration of the new model is based on conventional T&C concept. It will give a classic facility to the fans. It is expected that headlights will become larger so the indicators. Both lights are enclosed in a single box having no clear demarcation. Grille of this minivan is also prominent. The manufacturer is interested in keeping the openings wider in order to supply enough air to the engines. It is not going to get any upraised structures on the bonnet. It is expected that Chrysler will keep it simple. Tires are 18 inches for the better road grip. The rims are pure aluminum based.

Interior of the new Chrysler minivan is equipped with modern functions. This is going to make it more interesting and comfortable. A power steering, new gearbox, satellite radio, adjustable seats with leather upholstery and the decent dashboard is present inside. The drivers will get modern navigation, Google maps, and GPS. Chrysler has used a special collection of connectivity options such as USBBluetooth, and Smartphone.

2017 Chrysler Town and Country interior

2017 Chrysler Town and Country – Engine Options:

Engine facility present in this vehicle will give the best power pack. Electric motors are expected with the Turbocharged engine. The 2017 Chrysler Town and Country will also bring a hybrid engine in future. The engine is V6 type having Pentastar technology and 283 hp. A 9-speed automatic transmission is also present for this all wheels drive option.

It has outstanding fuel consumption efficiency. It will cover at least 17 mpg in city drive. The highway drive will cover at least 25 miles per gallon.

It will compete with the Toyota Sienna, Nissan Quest, Honda Odyssey and Kia Sedona.

2017 Chrysler Town and Country side view

2017 Chrysler Town and Country – Rumors Date and Price:

It will get a starting point from the USA. The price of 2017 Chrysler Town and Country will be around $30,000 to start. Chrysler has not announced any official release date but early 2017 is an expected time for it in USA and China.

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