2017 Dodge Dakota Release Date, High Quality

Since the first Dakota pickup truck appeared in the market back in 1987 a lot of developments have been done to ensure the vehicle keep up with the changing market. As a part of this development, the 2017 Dodge Dakota will be entering the market as the most updated truck in this line. The new truck looks elegant and powerful by all means where the exterior architecture has been carefully developed. The interior is full of modern and premium components which are meant to make the 2017 Dodge Dakota one of the most comfortable trucks in the market. To compliment, all the exterior and interior attributes the pickup has been fitted with a very reliable and efficient engine.

2017 Dodge Dakota front view

2017 Dodge Dakota – High Quality and Rich Interior:

On the exterior, the length and weight of the new 2017 Dodge Dakota have been increased with a primary intention of making it more stable. However, despite the increase in weight, the fuel efficiency has not been affected and therefore the truck remains as reliable as ever. The appearance of the upcoming 2017 Dodge Dakota is more impressive where it has been inspired by the Ram design. Some of the extra ordinary exterior attributes of this truck include a more streamlined exterior which is characterized by unique looking chrome surrounded big grille that is very instrumental in making the vehicle look elegant. The truck also has a massive bumper that covers and protects some of the important element in the front area especially the lower area when the vehicle is navigating through rocky terrains. The front fascia of the 2017 Dodge Dakota looks extremely aggressive and this is primarily attributed to the sharp and stylish LED powered headlights. The rear end of this truck comes with decreased cargo space which remains open and a pair of stylish tail lights which make the entire rear area look elegant. for this truck is meant for off-road duties, it has been equipped with large wheels that are wrapped with high performing off road tires which work together with the enhanced suspension to improve handling ability and driving dynamics of the truck.

Inside the new Dodge Dakota, the driver can enjoy long drives since the vehicle has comfortable adjustable seats which are covered with fine leather. Driving in different weathers is not a problem since the truck has a modern zonal temperature regulator which keeps the interior temperatures at standard levels regardless of the exterior temperatures. This four door truck has a simple and well lit dash board with different attributes being neatly arranged. The dashboard also has a big touch screen which helps in controlling and monitoring some of the important attributes of the vehicle. There is also a number of connection possibilities inside the 2017 Dodge Dakota and a highly updated infotainment unit. Occupants of the truck are also provided with top class security and safety features including safety belts and automatic air bags.

2017 Dodge Dakota interio

2017 Dodge Dakota – DriveTrain and transmission Specs:

There will be a three engine choices. A  3.7-liter V-6 210-hp, and two 4.7-liter V8 with 230 hp and 250 hp version. The engine is paired with a six-speed auto or manual transmissions and is available in a four-wheel drive system. This particular engine has a fuel efficiency of about 30 mpg when combined therefore making the truck very fuel efficient when compared to other trucks in the same category.

2017 Dodge Dakota rear view

2017 Dodge Dakota – Availability and Cost:

This updated and upgraded truck is anticipated to be available in the market during the fall of 2016 and its starting price tag will be in the range of $ 50,000.

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