2017 Ford Edge Review, High Quality

The 2017 Ford Edge will be a modern unique crossover with diverse outstanding features. This is because the makers of this mid-size compact SUV have put a lot of efforts in ensuring that it meets all the requirements of the modern market. Just by looking at this CUV once you will be able to see that it has a variety of unique and elegant exterior features. The interior is also endowed with comfortable and high-quality features that are meant to enhance comfort and reliably. The power train of 2017 Ford Edge is also upgraded to give it ample power to tackle different kinds of terrains. Buyers will be able to choose their most preferred and suitable since this vehicle has four trims which are differentiated by the engine and additional features.

2017 Ford Edge front  look

2017 Ford Edge – High Quality and Rich Interior:

Elegant is the most appropriate word that can be used to describe the appearance of new Edge 2017. This is because the exterior features have been designed in a refreshed and modern way. The front area has especially been improved with the head lights being made sleeker and using the modern LED technology to enhance power efficiency. The fog lights are inbuilt on the enlarged bumper which makes the vehicle get a powerful look. Air vents are big enough to allow ample cooling air to get into the engine and front braking system. This refreshed 2017 Ford Edge gets a fine smooth grille that further enhances the elegance. Furthermore, it is expected that it comes with modern state of the art rain sensing wipers that are able to automatically sense any wetness on the windscreen. On the rear area, there is a defogger which gives the driver a better view when it is snowing. Furthermore, the tail lights and the brake lights have been enlarged by a view inches to make them more visible. The suspensions are stronger so as to give it ability to tackle different kinds of terrains. Furthermore, new Ford Edge 2017 use nice looking sports alloy rims which further enhances its looks. It lies on the new Ford CD4 platform which it shares with Lexus MKX model.

On the interior occupants can expect to find elegant and modern interior features including spacious seats which are covered using fine leather. There is also an updated temperature regulating system that ensures interior temperatures are moderate regardless of the exterior temperatures. Safety has also been given a priority through the availability of safety belts and airbags for all the occupants. The connection can be done using different forums including the USB ports and wireless Bluetooth which besides allowing the driver use the hands-free phone also provide an opportunity to connect the upgraded modern infotainment system with a number of gadgets. On the dashboard, there are a number of improvements including the switches and buttons being rearranged to make the interior more user-friendly. Furthermore, the steering wheel and gear knob are covered using leather to give the driver a smoother and firmer grip.

2017 Ford Edge interior  look

2017 Ford Edge – Engine and Performance:

The standard engine under the hood of this modern 2017 Ford Edge will be a 2.0 V6 engine with the ability to produce 245 hp. This engine is mated with a six-speed automated speed which has the ability to distribute power to all wheels. The fuel efficiency of the 2017 Ford Edge is 20-28 mpg.

2017 Ford Edge rear look

2017 Ford Edge – Rumors Date and Price:

This new 2017 Ford Edge will be available for sale during the fall of 2016 and its starting price is expected to be about $ 29,600.

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