2017 Ford Focus RS Review, Body and Innovations

The upcoming third generation 2017 Ford Focus RS is causing a lot of excitement in the market especially to fans of this vehicle. The excitement is brought by that the new 2017 Ford Focus RS is anticipated to be very futuristic through after it has undergone a number of revisions. The exterior might not undergo a lot of changes but still there will be some improvements. The same applies to the 2017 Ford Focus RS’s interior where only a handful features will either be upgraded or completely replaced. Some improvements are also expected on the engine to make this vehicle more efficient and reliable.

2017 Ford Focus RS front view

2017 Ford Focus RS – Body and Innovations in the Dashboard:

One of the significant changes on the exterior of 2017 Ford Focus RS is that it will be significantly lighter than its predecessor. This is brought about by more light materials being used in its construction consequently reducing the aggregate weight which directly affects the fuel efficiency though enable the vehicle to reduce fuel consumption rates. The 2017 Ford Focus RS also gets a new chassis which is accompanied by new springs and the anti-roll bars are made stiffer. When it comes to appearance the new vehicle has a slightly refreshed grille that is instrumental in making the vehicle look elegant. On the front, there are two bi-xenon head lights which have a design that makes the vehicle look aggressive. The bumper size remains the same where it is still able to protect the various features in the front area while still making the vehicle look masculine. At the back, the 2017 Ford Focus RS’s taillights have been restyled to make them more effective and give them an elegant appearance. The new vehicle rides on 19-inch alloy wheels which are wrapped with high-quality Michelin tires which help in improving driving dynamics. This vehicle comes in more color options to attract more customers through giving them more options to choose from.

On the interior, the 2017 Ford Focus RS is fitted with heavily bolstered Recaro sports seats which are well spaced to ensure every occupant gets enough leg and head space. The arrangement of the seats is in a way that behind the rear row of seats there is ample cargo space. Besides the seats, comfort inside the vehicle is enhanced by a modern HVAC system that has the ability to automatically regulate interior temperatures regardless of the temperatures on the exterior. Safety is provided by all the seats coming with seat belts and there being air bags for all the occupants. The 2017 Ford Focus RS has a more interactive dashboard where the different attributes are more neatly arranged. This well-lit dashboard also comes with a large touchscreen used to monitor and control the vehicle’s features. Users of this vehicle can also enjoy different connection possibilities and an upgraded infotainment.

2017 Ford Focus RS interior

2017 Ford Focus RS – Power Expectations:

Under the bonnet of this elegant vehicle, there is a 2.3 liter Ecoboost 4 cylinder unit with the ability to generate 350 HP and 350 lb-ft of torque. This unit is paired with a six-speed manual transmitter and is available in a front-wheel drive. The engine has improved fuel economy compared to the previous model mainly because of the revisions were done. In 4,6 sec the engine has the ability to accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour. Top speed will be 165 mph, with fuel consumption of 19/25 mpg.

2017 Ford Focus RS side view

2017 Ford Focus RS – Top Price:

Reliable information indicates this new vehicle will be making its entrance into the market during the third quarter of 2016 and the anticipated base price tag will be in the range of $ 37,000.

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