2017 Ford Fusion Review, Engine and Performance

The 2017 Ford Fusion is a modern sporty mid-sized sedan that provides customers with a variety of styling options. It looks almost similar to the previous model but on looking closely there are a number of outstanding exterior improvements. The interior has also been improved where there is a variety of luxurious and state of the art features. There might even be a when it comes to engine options. The standard engine is anticipated to be upgraded where the vehicle will have better fuel efficiency and improved power train.

2017 Ford Fusion front view

2017 Ford Fusion – Exterior and Interior Design:

There are some slight improvements on the exterior of 2017 Ford Fusion which are meant to make this sedan fit better in the market and also keep up with the new ways of making cars. It will have four doors and is available in a variety of colors. The front area has a refreshed grille which has a unique look to make the vehicle stand out. The front lights have been extended further into the hood and are still using the LED technology to enhance visibility and increase power efficiency. The bumper has been lifted up by a few inches and it houses the fog lights which are meant to increase visibility while driving in rainy or foggy areas. There are also wide openings on the front lower area which helps in cooling the engine and front braking system. On the top, there is a smaller spoiler that makes the Fusion for 2017 look more elegant. The back side has also been refreshed with a new quad exhaust tips and redesigned brake lights. The 2017 Ford Fusion gets black 19 inches alloy wheels which make it look sleeker. To improve driving dynamics there are stronger suspensions and brake rotors.

Inside of 2017 Ford Fusion there is leather covered spacious seats which provide ample room for all the occupants. There is also a warm black and white trim which is made using authentic material and makes the interior feel more relaxing. The interior also comes with a state of the art dual zone climate regulating system that keeps the interior temperatures standard regardless of the exterior temperatures. The dashboard is almost the same as the previous model with well-arranged features and a wide LCD display screen that is used to control some of the vehicle’s features. The steering wheel has been upgraded where it use the latest technology to enhance sensitivity and therefore give the driver better control. This steering wheel and the gear knob are covered with leather to give the driver a better grip. On 2017 Ford Fusion it is also possible to enjoy quality entertainment through the updated infotainment system that can be connected with other gadgets through the Wi-Fi, wireless Bluetooth and USB ports.

2017 Ford Fusion Interior

2017 Ford Fusion – Engine and Performance:

There is a hybrid version of this upcoming sedan that incorporates a gasoline engine working together with a lithium-ion battery – Fusion Energi model. The entire engine system has the ability to produce 175 HP and 203 lb-ft of torque. The unit is available is 6-speed automated or manual transmissions and is available in either two or four-wheel drives. The fuel efficiency of the unit is 22 mpg on city and 31 mpg on highways, therefore, making this mid-size car ideal for people who would like to save more on fuel.

2017 Ford Fusion rear view

2017 Ford Fusion – Release Date and Price:

It is anticipated that this new 2017 Ford Fusion will be available for sale during the last quarter of 2016 and the price of the lowest trim will be about $ 23,400.

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