Ford Focus 2017 Review, Fresh new Look

The Ford Focus 2017 is a fourth generation vehicle that is coming to boost the company’s sales. The vehicle comes with a well-designed exterior that is made using state of the art engineering techniques to ensure the vehicle looks very elegant and sleek. The Ford Focus 2017 comes with various modern interior attributes which are specially tailored to provide riders with at most convenience through modern technology at top class comfort through premium materials and plenty of space. This modern vehicle has also been provided with a powerful power source that has the ability to produce high power while consuming minimal quantities of fuel.

Ford Focus 2017 front view

Ford Focus 2017 – Fresh new Look:

The current model of this vehicle fuel efficiency is set to be improved on the new vehicle through the body and some of the key elements of the new vehicle being made with strong but light materials. This vehicle’s appearance is also set to be improved through some of the exterior elements being updated. One of the targeted exterior features of the Ford Focus 2017 is the grille which has been restyled and has some fine lines and spaces to let air pass into the engine while still making the entire vehicle look aggressive. The aggressiveness of the vehicle is further enhanced by the long and stylish LED powered head lamps which are more effective in enhancing visibility. Visibility is further enhanced by the sharp fog lights mounted on the massive bumper on the lower area of the vehicle. The size of the bumper is significantly improved where the new bumper can now protect more features and still make the vehicle look masculine. This five-door Ford Focus 2017 has undergone some improvements on the rear end where the tail lights have been restyled to ensure the rear looks more elegant. The vehicle has also been provided with modern rain sensing wipers that automatically detect any kind of wetness on the dashboard.

Ford Focus 2017 comes with a roomy interior and nicely arranged seats which are covered with soft cow hide to make them optimally comfortable. The setting of these seats leaves ample room on the back, therefore, making the vehicle ideal for a family needing to carry some cargo. On the dashboard one cannot fail to note the LCD color screen that shows the driver the status of the various features and is also instrumental in controlling various attributes such as the high-quality infotainment unit. Inside the Ford Focus 2017, there are also different connection possibilities which include smart phone connectivity and Bluetooth which lets the driver and the other occupants use wireless phones. Further attributes on the interior include a newly improved dual zone air conditioner and different security and safety attributes including side automatic airbags.

Ford Focus 2017 interior

Ford Focus 2017 – Main Power Production Unit:

Under the bonnet of this new vehicle, there is two-liter four-cylinder engine that has a power output of about 160 HP. The unit is mated to a six-speed auto transmission and is available in four wheel drive, unlike the current model which has a rear wheel drive system. The new engine has also been made more fuel efficient especially because of the reduction in weight and also enables the vehicle to move faster where it can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 7,9 sec. The top speed of new Ford is set to 121 mph, with Epa rating around 26/36 mpg.

Ford Focus 2017 side view

Ford Focus 2017 – Expected Launch and Price:

Makers of this vehicle are anticipated to release it for sale by the end of 2016 with the price going up slightly compared with the current model that is $18,000.

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