2017 GMC Sierra Review, Platform and Design

The Sierra series is likely to receive mid-cycle refreshment in the releasing of the upcoming models. The models are more than luxury automobiles since they can serve more than one purpose without being monotonous. The Sierra producers are lining up 2017 GMC Sierra for release in the car market. Car lovers will be waiting to see how the model will be different from its predecessors. The competitors of this model should be wary of the incoming model since the producers think that they will make a breakthrough upon releasing this refreshed model. With expectations a new trim will be introduced, then people have an enough reason to hope for the best.

2017 GMC Sierra front

2017 GMC Sierra – Platform and Design:

Slight improvements will be noted on the fuel utilization and economics. The aerodynamics of the model will be significantly improved. A luxurious looking interior will be included to entice the customers of 2017 GMC Sierra. The exterior will receive some minor changes that may not be easily notable unless you know what you are looking for. The grille will be advanced while a blue oval badge might be embed on the front side. Weight reduction will be the main priority during the production of this model; reduced weight will ensure that both the stability and speed of the models are improved. On the visibility option, there has been an inclusion of both LED headlights and LED fog lights that will take care of extreme driving conditions. The entertainment unit will consist of a six speaker audio system and Bluetooth audio streaming from compatible phones.

A back view camera will come in handy especially for maneuvering in and out of any parking conditions; this camera could also be used to monitor and warn in cases of blind zones. The front seats will be power operated with leather covering for increasing the comfort to be able to handle any journeys either short or long. The air conditioning unit will adjust automatically to give optimum temperatures and a balanced airflow in the vehicle. Satellite aided automatic navigation and satellite radio will up the driving experience in the 2017 GMC Sierra. A nine-inch display will be able to house the infotainment system. The usual Sierra logo will be imprinted on the tailgate and the sides of 2017 GMC Sierra. Double, regular and crew cabs will be provided in the available lineups.

2017 GMC Sierra interior

2017 GMC Sierra – Engine Options:

Rumors have been milled about the possibility of the engines available on the 2017 GMC Sierra, and this may reduce the hopes of getting a diesel variant in the models. The available engine will be a V6 engine with fuel displacement of 4.3 liters and a power output of 285 hp and torque amounting to about 308 pounds. A six-speed automatic transmission will be the most likely link to be used in this engine setup. Another engine option to be considered will be two V8 engines with a fuel capacity of 5.3 liters and 6.2 liters respectively. These engines will churn out a power of 355 hp and 420 hp while the torque will be about 383 pounds and 460 pounds. The six-speed transmission units have been optimized to give the model a smooth and fast response. The last two engine options might be linked to an eight-speed automatic transmission setup. In case a hybrid option was to be considered; then it would be a 6.6 liters V8 engine that will have a turbocharger and a power output of 397 hp. The torque might go up to about 765 pounds.

2017 GMC Sierra rear view

2017 GMC Sierra – Expected Price and Release Date:

The new model will be available in the late months of 2016. The price of 2017 GMC Sierra will be estimated since no one knows the exact prices. The price from rumor will start from around $29, 000 and can go all the way to around $60, 000.

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