2017 GMC Terrain Redesign, New Features

The first generation of GMC models has been on the market for over a decade. The GMC producers are doing a complete overhaul to their models when they introduce the second generation. The second generation will have several models, and they will include the 2017 GMC Terrain. This  segment is not crowded, and the GMC producers will be hoping to utilize this unused space to make their presence felt in the field. The model is likely to address most to the flaws found in the first generation models.

2017 GMC Terrain front view

2017 GMC Terrain – New Features and Design:

The upcoming 2017 GMC Terrain will be hoping to reduce weight since its predecessor was very weight and this would reduce the speed to be achieved and increase the fuel consumption. The usual flared shaped fender will be incorporated with an upright shaped grille and streamlined body design. Three rows of seats. Headlights have been improved to give the model a special look while at the same time optimizing the levels of visibility in dark conditions. The LED light integration has been extensively used on both the rear and front lighting system. Some aspects of Chrome integration have been implemented. The wheel sizes will vary from seventeen to nineteen inches even though eighteen inches wheels will be offered as an option. The tires will be provided in two colors.

The center consoles length has been also increased. An Intel link technological unit and control has been embedded in the infotainment system that is housed on the dashboard. Services offered will include an advanced navigation system, satellite radio, and an automatic weather control. The switches on the steering wheel of 2017 GMC Terrain will be able to move to the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. It has been rumored that an ignition switch might be replaced by a remote ignition system. Several entertainment features have been input and may include an audio system with high-quality music deliver, and Bluetooth and USB port connectivity. Extra inputs are the blind spot screen monitors, airbags, and a rearview camera.

2017 GMC Terrain interior

2017 GMC Terrain – Powertrain Features:

No precise information has been updated about the mileage of this 2017 GMC Terrain, but it’s to be expected that the mileage will be miles ahead when compared to the current models. Again, when it comes to the engines to be used on the model, several options would be applicable. The standard engine will be with a capacity of 2.4 liters while outputting a power of around 182 hp and torque amounting to 172 pounds. Another option to be considered will be a 3.6 liter V6 engine that will give out 301 hp and 272 pounds of torque. A six-speed transmission system will be coupled to the engines available. A direct injection system is likely to be used in the 2017 GMC Terrain so that both fuel economy and performance issues will be covered. A base 2.0-liter engine with four cylinders could also be included on the front wheel drive models.

2017 GMC Terrain rear view

2017 GMC Terrain – Release Date and Price:

The new GMC Terrain is expected to be rolled out in the early parts of 2016 with the normal price not being known even though it has been speculated. The price is expected to start from around $25,000 for a model with standard equipment.

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