2017 Honda Civic Review, Engine Features

Honda, a Japanese car producing firm has been in the car market for a long time. This company is widely known for its established models. Many Honda enthusiasts will be hoping that this company will try to maintain its reputation when it releases the 2017 Honda Civic. It seems that this upcoming model may be built on a hatchback design that most people prefer nowadays. The Honda Company knows that out there in the market there are a huge number of competitors, so they need to up their game to keep up with this competition. When this new model hits the car market, car lovers will be waiting to explore it.2017 Honda Civic front

2017 Honda Civic – Interior and Exterior Changes:

The new model gives you the confidence that the manufacturer knows what they are doing. The rear wings have been enlarged for stability. You will get some red accents that will largely contribute to the theme of this model. High-quality materials have been used to furnish the interior side. The steering has received leather covering so that the drive will get to have a better grip on the steering wheel.

The model will have about three doors. Since 2017 Honda Civic is sport oriented, its seats have been made to provide optimum comfort while the steering wheel is flat-bottomed. Alcantara linings have been carefully integrated into the interior side. A Honda badge and sleek-looking headlights will be some of the features to contribute to the sporty design. The tail lights will be distinct as they have received some tweaking. The dashboard has been revamped for better accessibility and control. The touchscreen display is centrally placed and will feature knobs that are distinct. The cabin space at the rear side has been increased to avoid cramming.

2017 Honda Civic interior

2017 Honda Civic – Engine Features:

The new 2017 Honda Civic will  have several engine options. The first engine will have a capacity of about 2.0 liters with a turbocharger and four cylinders. A second 1.5-liter engine and 174 hp. The first engine will provide a power of 158 hp and torque of around 148 lbs per foot. The engine will be made of aluminum materials. A shaft balancer and intake VTEC will be missing from this new engine. Within a time frame of 5.7 seconds, the 2017 Honda Civic will be able to accelerate to 60 mph. A direct injection system could be incorporated in the engine setup to improve on power delivery and fuel consumption.

2017 Honda Civic rear view

2017 Honda Civic – Estimated Price and Debut Date:

The new Honda Civic will appear on the market in mid-2017. The model’s prices will begin at around $20,000.

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