Honda Fit 2017 Release Date, Body Shape

The Honda Fit 2017 is a versatile hatchback that comes as a revised and improved version of the current model. This vehicle offers quality performance and reliability at a significantly low price, therefore, making customers enjoy optimum value for their money. The exterior appearance of this modern hatchback has been spiced a bit with some of the primary features being upgraded to make the vehicle very elegant. On the interior of this Honda Fit 2017, there are numerous technological elements and a variety of premium components meant to provide occupants with top quality comfort. The engine of this hatchback has also been upgraded to ensure it performs better and has lower fuel consumption.

Honda Fit 2017 front view

Honda Fit 2017 – Body Shape and Interior Design:

The new hatchback’s design is almost identical to its predecessor’s design where the two vehicles look almost the same. However, one can see that the elegant grill made of plastic and chrome elements has been slightly restyled to make it more visible and enhance the elegance of the vehicle. This grille is integrated with the slim and sharp head lights which use the modern LED technology and they are styled in a way that they stretch up to above the front wheels, therefore, making this hatchback look aggressive. The front also comes with an enormous bumper which is perfectly positioned to provide effective protection to the important elements in the front area while still making the vehicle look elegant. The front lower area of this Honda Fit 2017 has a massive air intake which is responsible for passing cooling air into the vehicle’s engine. On the back of this four-door hatchback, there is sharp and stylish LED powered tail lights which are more visible on this new vehicle. The hatchback rides on alloy covered wheels which are wrapped with top performing tires to improve handling and driving dynamics of this vehicle. The number of color options the vehicle is available in has been increased to give buyers the freedom to choose their most preferred colors.

On the interior the Honda Fit 2017 with an assortment of attributes which are made using some of the latest technologies. One of these features is a zonal temperature regulating system that maintains the interior temperatures at standard levels regardless of the exterior temperatures. There is also an upgraded infotainment inside the vehicle which ensures the occupants enjoy quality entertainment. Furthermore, the hatchback comes with an assortment of connection possibilities which include Wi-Fi, wireless Bluetooth, USB ports, fast internet and smartphone connectivity. Another technology oriented attributes of the vehicle are that it has a keyless entry and starting options. For safety purposes, there are air bags and safety belts for all the occupants. The Honda Fit 2017 has been fitted with comfortable and spacious seats that are covered with soft premium leather. The cockpit of this hatchback is interactive and has a large color screen used to monitor and control some of the vehicle’s attributes.

Honda Fit 2017 interior

Honda Fit 2017 – Top Speed and Accelerate Time:

There are details that indicate that there might be a hybrid engine for this vehicle but the base engine is a 1.5 liter Atkinson four-cylinder unit that can generate 130 HP and 114 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a seven-speed dual gear transmission and is available in a rear wheel drive system. The engine of this new hatchback comes with an improved fuel efficiency of 29/37 mpg. The new model will accelerate from 0 to 60 in 8 sec, with a top speed of 118 mph.

Honda Fit 2017 rear view

Honda Fit 2017 – Price and Date of Release:

The release of this upgraded Honda Fit 2017 is expected to be in the first half of 2016 and the expected starting price tag will be about $ 17, 000.

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