Hummer HX Concept Price, Sporty Exterior Design

The Hummer HX Concept debuted at the Detroit Auto Show in 2008. We know that Hummer is one of the most popular vehicles around the world, and this model is even more impressive. You probably know that each new Hummer is smaller than one before it, and according to a lot of sources, the Hummer Company continues to downsize. As a result of that, we get an entirely new HX concept that has the same size like Jeep Wrangler. The Hummer HX Concept is a very attractive vehicle with rugged styling and so muscular body. The General Motors brought some new designers on the team, and they came up with their ideas of how Hummer HX Concept should look. Because of its refreshed design and new style, this model will certainly attract the younger population of customers who can afford it.

Hummer HX Concept – Sporty Exterior Design:

According to a lot of pictures, the exterior design of the approaching Hummer HX Concept is very sporty and attractive. As we know, maybe this is not the final look of this concept vehicle considering the fact that appearance can be changed between release and production. The front fascia of this concept is very muscular, and the front grille looks pretty much the same as before, but if you look better, you can notice that this grille is tweaked to be a bit futuristic. This model will hit the market with full underbody protection. The small rounded headlights are powered by the HID headlamps. The wheelbase of this concept will be 10 inches shorter than in the H3 model, or more precisely it will be 103 inches. The anticipated model rides on 35-inch wheels, and this vehicle is just perfect for off-road terrains. Rear and front fenders are elegantly shaped while this concept also has a standard built-in winch in the front.

When you look inside the cabin of the latest NX concept you can notice that a quite futuristic aeronautical theme. To keep the rear passengers in place when you drive in off-road terrains, the second row will come with bucket seats. LCDs and removable storage bins provide different information, and you can find those at the back. Underneath the passenger seat, you’ll find the flashlight, a first-aid kit, and a shovel. The rear seats of this concept can be removed if you want more cargo space.

Hummer HX Concept interior
Hummer HX Concept – Powertrain Configuration:

Under the good, the Hummer HX Concept is powered by a 3.6 liter V6 engine with direct injection. This engine is capable of delivering 304 hp and also 273 pounds-ft. of torque. Maybe this is a surprise, but the fuel consumption of this model is rated at good 20 to 30 mpg. This model is made to use biofuels while for example, the H2 model uses fuel made of 15 % gasoline as well as of 85 % ethanol.

Hummer HX Concept rear
Hummer HX Concept – Date of Arrival and Price:

Someone says that the release date will be in early 2017, but unfortunately, there is no official information about this claim. Also, the prices for this concept are currently unknown. But, according to some rumors, the price could be from $25.000 – $35.000.

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