2017 Jeep Cherokee Facelift, Drivetrain Offering

The 2017 Jeep Cherokee will be part of the brand’s 75th-anniversary celebration and as a result, it is anticipated to have features that will satisfy the modern market. This powerful 2017 Jeep Cherokee is bigger that all the vehicle in this line of production consequently making its 4×4 model an ideal off-road SUV. There is more attention on the exterior features which are made in a way to make it look bolder. Being a high-end crossover means that it come with top-notch luxury and comfort on the interior where it is equipped with various authentic and state of the art interior features. The engine also has improved fuel efficiency and more power to give it ability to tackle even the toughest of terrains.

2017 Jeep Cherokee front view

2017 Jeep Cherokee – Design Updates:

The 2017 Jeep Cherokee has a rugged and modern look that makes it one of the best high-end off-road SUV. There is a slightly thinner grille on the front area of this mid-size SUV which besides being more noticeable is also sleeker. Despite the grille being made thinner, the bumper has been widened with a specific intention of making it look tougher. The head lights use the latest LED technology to enhance their effectiveness and also increase power economy. They are also positioned perfectly to make them more effective and also give it an aggressive look. There are also sharper looking fog lights on the front area which play an important role in reducing reflective lights when it is raining or when it’s foggy. Large air vents on the front area are also more noticeable and they are more effective in letting cooling air into the engine. The body of this crossover SUV has smoother curves which are complimented by attractive colors which the new Cherokee 2017 is available in. Furthermore, it uses large wheels and updated suspension which are ideal for off-road driving.

On the interior of 2017 Jeep Cherokee, there are a variety of luxurious and technologically oriented features. The most outstanding interior feature on this vehicle is a beautiful grayish trim that makes the interior more relaxing. There are three rows of spacious seats and ample cargo space on the back side, therefore, making this SUV ideal for a family trip. The seats are covered using high-quality leather and are made more comfortable by the heating technology. Safety features found inside include; blind spot sensor, 911 call button, a backup camera, adaptive cruise control, improved accident response system, front crash mitigation sensors, seat belts, and airbags. There s a standard touch screen on the interactive dashboard that is mainly used to control various features such as the updated infotainment system and the zonal climate control system. This upcoming mid-size crossover SUV is also equipped with different connection options that include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, smartphone integration, USB ports, GPRS and satellite navigation.

2017 Jeep Cherokee interior

2017 Jeep Cherokee – Drivetrain Offering:

Under the hood of this powerful new 2017 Jeep Cherokee, there is a 3.2-liter V6 engine with the ability to generate 271 HP. This particular engine is coupled with an eight-speed automated transmission that distributes power to all wheels. The fuel economy of the engine is 14-19 mpg in city and 20-27 mpg in highways. This particular engine can accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour in six seconds. This model 2017 Jeep Cherokee will also get other engines but this is anticipated to be the standard engine. Top speed is 119 mph.

2017 Jeep Cherokee rear view

2017 Jeep Cherokee – Release Date and Price Range:

The new Jeep Cherokee will be released during the last quarter of 2016 and its starting price is anticipated to be about $ 29,000 depending on the engine option and trim packages.

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