2017 Kia Soul Release Date, Design Specifications

The 2017 Kia Soul is anticipated to be one of the most reliable and affordable vehicles once it hits the market. This is especially based on the fact the current model has been very popular especially for customers who do not demand much from their vehicles. The appearance of this new vehicle is expected to remain generally the same except for a few tweaks to enable the vehicle to keep up with the versatile market. 2017 Kia Soul also comes with a standard interior that has been equipped with technologically oriented and comfortable features. The vehicle has also been endowed with a very impressive engine that is able to provide efficiency while having minimal fuel consumption.

2017 Kia Soul front view

2017 Kia Soul – Design Specifications:

This new vehicle has an outstanding exterior appearance which puts it above another vehicle in the same segment in terms of appearance. The front area looks very sleek and this is facilitated by the very thin grille which is surrounded by chrome materials and plays an important role in making the vehicle look elegant. The front fascia of this 2017 Kia Soul also comes with a pair of sleek head lights whose design makes them more effective in enhancing visibility. This design is also instrumental in giving the lights an aggressive appearance especially when they are illuminated. On the extremely low front area, there are two fog lights which compliment the head lights through reducing the effects of reflective lights when it is snowing or raining. This front is also has a massive bumper which protects most of the important elements in the front area. Furthermore, there is also a large air dam that is responsible for letting cooling air pass into the engine. At the back, the 2017 Kia Soul looks boxy but elegant since there are shapely tail lights whose positioning makes them more visible. The new vehicle rides on attractive aluminum covered wheels which are wrapped with high-quality premium tires to improve driving dynamics. Another improvement on this upcoming vehicle is that it is available in more color options than its predecessor.

Inside the 2017 Kia Soul, there are five spacious seats which are perfectly positioned to ensure all the occupants get enough leg and head room. Furthermore, the interior comes with a new HVAC system that has the ability to automatically regulate the interior temperatures regardless of the exterior temperatures. The new vehicle has been provided with a newly upgraded infotainment unit for provision of quality entertainment. There is also an assortment of connection possibilities inside the vehicle which include Wi-Fi, wireless Bluetooth, USB ports and smart phone connectivity. The cockpit of the 2017 Kia Soul looks very simple and interactive since the various features including the large color screen have been arranged in a neat manner. For safety purposes, the vehicle comes with seat belts and automatic air bags foe all the occupants.

2017 Kia Soul interior

2017 Kia Soul – Heart of Vehicle:

Under the bonnet of this reliable vehicle, there is a 1.6-liter engine that has the ability to generate 130 HP. This engine is paired with a six-speed manual transmission with an auto transmission being optional. This particular engine is available in a four-wheel drive system, therefore, making the new vehicle more reliable than its predecessor. Furthermore, the engine has a high fuel economy 23/31 mpg, and can move with a moderate top speed of 116 mph, and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph with 8,5 sec.

2017 Kia Soul rear view

2017 Kia Soul – Rumors Date and Price:

This modern vehicle is expected to be available for sale during the second half of 2016 with a beginning price tag of about $ 17,000.

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