Kia Rio 2017 Engine and Performance

The Kia Rio 2017 comes as an ideal vehicle for the customers who like reliable vehicles that provide optimum value for the money spent. This is attributed to the fact that the vehicle despite being made using modern designs is available at reasonable prices. The makers of this vehicle have decided to provide users with more options through bring a sedan and hatchback of this vehicle. The interior of the Kia Rio 2017 is equipped with the most recent attributes which include high-quality materials. The power source has also been upgraded where the new vehicle is reliable and efficient.

Kia Rio 2017 front view

Kia Rio 2017 – Exterior and Interior Design:

Most exterior attributes have been refreshed to make it even more appealing particularly to the younger buyers. The front end has a unique grille which has an elegant appearance. There is also a pair of sharp-looking headlights which are instrumental in ensuring the vehicle look aggressive. These lights use LED bulbs which besides being power efficient are also more effective in enhancing visibility. The Kia Rio 2017 also has a large bumper which occupies much of the front fascia and besides protecting through covering the important elements on the front end it too makes the new vehicle get a masculine appearance. The rear end the vehicle has been equipped with bigger exhaust outlets and sharper tail lights which together make the back-end of this vehicle look sporty. There is a defogger on the rear window and rain sensing wipers on the wind shield which automatically sense any wetness. The Kia Rio 2017 rides on attractive wheels which are wrapped with high-quality tires to give the vehicle better handling while also increasing driving dynamics. The aggregate weight of the vehicle has been reduced through the engineers making it using light materials as the base materials for the making the body. Furthermore, the number of colors the vehicle is available in has been increased to attract more buyers through giving them more color options.

The Kia Rio 2017 has a very cozy and relaxing interior since it is fitted with high-quality interior attributes. The spacious seats inside the vehicle are covered with fine cow hide and are adjustable to ensure occupants get optimum comfort while riding in this vehicle. Furthermore, users get to enjoy regulated temperatures because the vehicle has a modern HVAC system. The infotainment unit of the modern vehicle has been upgraded where it can also be connected with external gadgets through options such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The new Kia Rio 2017 will have a very interactive dashboard which also comes with a large touch screen used for navigation and other important aspects. The gear knob and the steering wheel of the vehicle are covered with leather to give the driver better control. There are also  safety and security attributes inside this modern vehicle.

Kia Rio 2017 interior

Kia Rio 2017 – Engine and Performance:

Under the bonnet of this vehicle, there are different engine options depending on the trim but the base engine is a 1.6 four cylinder engine which produces a power of 138 HP. The unit is mated with a six-speed manual transmitter and collaborates with a front wheel drive system. This particular engine has a fuel economy of 28 mpg while driving in cities and 38 mpg while driving on highways.

Kia Rio 2017 rear view

Kia Rio 2017 – Arrival Date and Expected Price:

This modern vehicle is expected to be available for sale in the third quarter of 2016 and its price will vary depending on trim with the base trim having a price tag in the range of $ 15,500.

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