2017 Mercedes G-Class Cosmetic Changes

The Mercedes-Benz has always been considered classy car manufacturer with most of its cars tending to become classics over time. For more than 36 years, Mercedes has produced the Mercedes G-class but this time around all Mercedes lovers wonder in awe. Anyone who has had the privilege of entering any version of this car probably already knows that it is a combination of luxury and performance. This is a revolution of the G-class with a major change in the engine and many enhancements in its performance. The 2017 Mercedes G-Class power has been improved by 16% while it has been made more energy-efficient by about 17%.

2017 Mercedes G-Class front

2017 Mercedes G-Class – Cosmetic Changes:

The G-class may be one of the oldest SUV vehicles under the Mercedes brand but it has seen very little of changes in its design ever since. A comparison between an older and a more recent version of the car will reveal a very little difference. The 2017 Mercedes G-Class is available in three versions; the AMG G63, the G550, and AMG G65. On the G550, the exterior features include parking sensors in the front and to the rear of the car. It also has a sunroof, power folding mirrors, and double exhausts. The car comes in a variety of colors which include; night matte black, blue metallic, and different variations of black metallic.

The interior of the 2017 G-class model is the DINAMICA package which is made up of mostly handcrafted materials. The interior is covered with top quality black leather blended with white stitching. Most of the interior including the handbrake and door handles that are all covered with the handmade stitch. All versions of the car come with leather interior, climate control panel, and facilities for Bluetooth and media players. Those who choose to go for the G63 will get more refined leather on the upholstery. It also comes with a sporting wheel. Those who prefer the 2017 Mercedes G-class G65 will be getting an upholstery that is diamond stitched.

2017 Mercedes G-Class interior

2017 Mercedes G-Class – An Unprecedented Engine:

The 2017 G-class offers its valued customers three turbocharged engine choices; there are two V8s and a V12. The G550 comes with a double turbocharged 4.0liter V8 engine with a power of 416 hp. The seven-speed automatic transmission serves to distribute the power equally to all the wheels. The G6 is a more powerful car with a double turbocharged V8 engine with a power of 536 hp. During tests, it was shown that the vehicle could move from zero miles to sixty miles in just about five seconds. This is an impressive speed for a car that weighs 3 tons. Those who want something really out of this world would enjoy the power of the G65 with a horsepower of 621. This version of the car comes with a V12 engine. The most that any of these versions of the 2017 G-Class can tow is 7,000 pounds.

2017 Mercedes G-Class rear

2017 Mercedes G-Class – Price and Estimate Date of Release:

According to industry experts, the new G550 will be selling with a top price of $120,000. The expected date for the release the 2017 Mercedes G-Class is 2017 August.

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