2017 Mercedes GL-Class Release Date, Powerful Engine

The Mercedes-Benz has announced that it is working on a revamp of its GL-Class, however, contrary to the speculation there is not going to be a major overhaul from its current version. The redesigned 2017 Mercedes GL-Class is set to do away with the GL tag and it will now be called GLS with the S indicating the positioning of the SUV on par with the S-Class models of Mercedes-Benz.

2017 Mercedes GL-Class front

2017 Mercedes GL-Class – Special Features:

The 2017 Mercedes GL-Class will sport a new bumper and grille design. Aluminum will be used extensively thereby drastically reducing the weight of the vehicle. It will be built on the future MHA which is called the Modular High Architecture. The 2017 Mercedes GL-Class will sport new headlights while retaining the same taillights with new graphics inside them. The interior will be stylishly designed with the usage of premium materials to give it an elegant and sophisticated look. The dashboard at the center will have an exciting set of consoles with hi-tech navigation systems. It is set to have a new infotainment system along with a new display screen. It will feature a Command Online touch-pad controller and a head-up display. The interiors are set to be similar to the M-Class. It will have superior technology units to make the drive a unique experience. The GLS will come with all the standard features that we are so used to see in all vehicles manufactured by the German automobile giant. It will have all the latest technological advancements like lane change warning, pedestrian warning etc.

2017 Mercedes GL-Class interior

2017 Mercedes GL-Class – Powerful Engine and Gearbox:

The new Mercedes GL-Class will have a turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine which will produce an output of 362 hp. This will result in efficient performance and better fuel efficiency. The 2017 Mercedes GL class can go from 0-63 mph in just 6.7 seconds which will be a deal clinching factor for buyers. The engines will have petrol and diesel, both variants. It will have the 4matic all-wheel drive. The greatest speed that can be achieved is 130 mph which is speculated as of now. The Epa rating is set to be 17/21 mpg.

2017 Mercedes GL-Class side view

2017 Mercedes GL-Class – Release Date and Price Range:

There is no official confirmation on the release date apart from the fact that the production work has already started. Industry insiders believe that the new revamped model could be unveiled somewhere in late 2015 or early 2016. The starting price is said to be anywhere from USD 65,000 upwards but at this stage this is just a speculation and the actual pricing may vary. Prepare to see one of the best SUVs of that time.

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