2017 Mini Rocketman Top Speed, Specs

The 2017 Mini Rocketman will come with an impressive look. Latest technologies will be improved on this mini size car to add to its performance. The model will have large windows, a transparent roof and strips on the edges with glowing lights. This car will be hauled for its sporty look. The aim of its automakers is to produce a car with the right design and at the same time keeping it simple. Lovers of Mini cars are eagerly waiting for this model because of its classic look, which takes advantage of space to the fullest by having no overhangs. This will definitely give users a humble time when driving.

2017 Mini Rocketman front

2017 Mini Rocketman – Fresh New Look:

Innovative features and designs are some of the things that will make 2017 Mini Rocketman be among the best cars in its class. This new model will be built with wonderful features and superlative designs that will make its occupants appreciate their ride. This car will have an overall length of about eleven feet. Its exterior will also come with well-shaped front headlamps that have the latest LED technology. To add to its impressive look, this vehicle will have a transparent roof and large windows. Rumors circulating have confirmed that there is a possibility of this car coming with two C-shaped doors that can easily be removed and a steep roof line. The shape of this model will remain similar to that of its predecessors. Its bottom will include two rounded exhaust pipes. This car is expected to have a greater choice of colors to give buyers options to choose from.

The new model will comfortably accommodate four adults. The seats will also be covered with Nappa leather to add to its impressive look. For the safety of its users, this car will be loaded with wonderful features as well as high-tech safety components that will include traction control system, stability control, parking assistant, automatic airbags, and strong and durable seat-belts. Also, the driver will be aided to control this car by a rear view camera. Security alarms have also been installed for the safety of this car. The interior of 2017 Mini Rocketman will be equipped with a stylish steering wheel that will be covered with quality leather, 3D graphic speedometer, Bluetooth connectivity as well as USB port.

2017 Mini Rocketman interior

2017 Mini Rocketman – Powertrain Configuration:

This car will be equipped with an engine similar to that of Mercedes-AMG M178. It will have a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine that will generate a maximum output of 134 hp and 169 lb-ft of torque. The new Mini Rocketman will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 7.5 seconds and will achieve a maximum speed of 134 mph. The fuel economy of this car will be ensured making it budget-friendly to its users.

2017 Mini Rocketman side

2017 Mini Rocketman – Expected Date of Arrival and Price:

The 2017 Mini Rocketman will be released to the market before the end of 2016. Based on its small size, the car is anticipated to cost around $15,000.

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