2017 Nissan Frontier Price, Engine Specs

The Nissan motor company produced the most sophisticated car ever: the 2017 Nissan Frontier. It will be introduced with more features than before and with higher performance towards a more efficient driving. Many alterations are expected in 2017 Nissan Frontier, such as the updated interior equipment, installed high–tech gear and the new Nissan connect Infotainment that will turn the car into an extraordinary and most attractive car in its class. The interiors will also be upgraded in the 2017 Nissan Frontier giving it a most elegant appearance.

2017 Nissan Frontier front view

2017 Nissan Frontier – What is expected in Design?

The 2017 Nissan Frontier will appear more beautiful than the previous model due to his decorated interior because the manufacturers used high-quality materials, including leather for the seats which contributes to a more comfortable car, also having featured an upgraded cargo area to offer more space.

Changes were made to the front of the car, namely the car will be equipped with a u-shaped radiator grille and running LED day lights that give the front of the car an aggressive and sharp look. The Nissan Frontier will also be equipped with new bumpers, a new radiator grille, upgraded tailgate, curved chromium, a lower roof for stability and new beautiful fog lamps making it a classy design. There will also be featured in the body panels a range of lightweight materials and units of aluminum to improve its look, the use of these new materials will make it smoother.

Alongside with the front, the rear will be improved as well; the redesigned and renewed wheels will give it more high and extra sturdy performances. The seats and the dashboards were renewed with new materials and the use of upholstery leather makes the seats more comfortable. Its interior design was improved; appearing more decorated making it cozier. Extra space for luggage and paraphernalia is possible due to a bigger storage area. Both front and rear are more appealing and sophisticated.

2017 Nissan Frontier interior

2017 Nissan Frontier – Engine Specs:

The new Nissan Frontier is equipped with an updated engine, the Cummins diesel engine which has an engine of four cylinders with 2.8 liters and produces an output of approximately 200 hp. This engine has a turbo diesel with eight-speed automatic gearbox that guarantees the transmission of the power into all wheels of the car. In order to offer the best driving experience, it integrates well set rear-wheel drive setup and it is also projected that it will offer several engine options according to the buyer’s needs. This model also has an excellent fuel economy of 19/23 mpg.

2017 Nissan Frontier side view

2017 Nissan Frontier – Estimated Arrival and Price:

There are great expectations even though there is no precise date set for its release but it is expected to be released in early 2017. The new model Nissan Frontier will be offered at a reasonable and incredible price that has been projected to cost around $ 19,000 which is fair to you in case you need the best car with excellent performance.

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