Range Rover Evoque 2017 Review, Premium Design

A lot is expected from the makers of the Range Rover Evoque 2017 especially because the current model has been a phenomenal luxury SUV that has been topping the rating charts in the market. The exterior is expected to be improved significantly with an objective of making the vehicle more elegant and more appealing to the younger segment of the market. The Range Rover Evoque 2017 has also been loaded with updated state of the art interior attributes which are meant to enhance convenience and comfort inside the vehicle. Furthermore, the new SUV has a variety of engines to provide users with more options and all the engines have high power and are very reliable.

Range Rover Evoque 2017 front view

Range Rover Evoque 2017 – Premium Design:

The appearance of the vehicle has not changed a lot but there are some developments meant to update the look of the vehicle. One of the most significant updates is the horizontal grill with a fine mesh on it to make the vehicle look more aggressive. The LED powered head lamps of this new vehicle have also been restyled a bit where they are slimmer and use the latest LED bulbs which besides being more power efficient are more effective in enhancing visibility. The front fascia of the new Range Rover Evoque 2017 is made sleeker by the sharp fog lights which are also useful in reducing reflective lights. This vehicle is fitted with a massive bumper that makes it masculine and also protects some of the front features of the vehicle. The rear comes with a new spoiler and a beautiful tailgate. The tailgate has a new technology which allows users to open the tailgate by placing the leg below the bumper. There are also three more color choices for Range Rover Evoque 2017 to add the already wide variety of colors that the current model is available in. the dimension of this vehicle is a height of 65.4 inches, a width of 82.3 inches, a length of 172 inches and a wheelbase of 104.8 inches.

Range Rover Evoque 2017 has a sporty and roomy interior where the space including the cargo room has been increased. The vehicle has soft cow hide covered seats which are adjustable to ensure people of different sizes can set the seats in their preferred positions. The interior also comes with the latest air conditioner which works automatically. There are different high-quality security and safety attributes on the interior of the vehicle which include seat belts and automatic side airbags. The Range Rover Evoque 2017 has also been loaded with a high-quality infotainment system that can be connected with exterior gadgets through USB ports, smartphone connectivity, and Bluetooth. The dashboard and the steering wheel have also been refreshed to give the driver better control and convenience in handling this vehicle.

Range Rover Evoque 2017 interior

Range Rover Evoque 2017 – Engine and Top Speed:

Under the hood of this vehicle, there are different engines but the main one is a 2.0 liter unit with a power output of 240 HP and 340 lb-ft of torque. This engine comes with either a six speed or a nine-speed manual or automatic transmission. There are also options when it comes to driving options since the vehicle comes either in a front wheel or four wheels drive systems. The engine has high-speed where it can accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour in six seconds. The top speed of new model is set to 133 mph.

Range Rover Evoque 2017 side view

Range Rover Evoque 2017 – Price and Estimate Date of Release:

The new modern SUV is anticipated to be available for sale in the third quarter of 2016 and its price tag will be in the range of $ 43, 000.

Interesting news:

landwind x7

The Chinese company Landwind has launched the model X7 which is a copy of the new Evoque model. As you can see in the picture above this model is in no way different from the new Range Rover Evoque 2017. The price of the Chinese version of this SUV will be around $ 20,000. An interesting fact is that the British manufacturer will not sue this Chinese company for plagiarism. Some analysts argue that customers in the Chinese market will quickly understand why the Chinese Evoque is three times cheaper than the original and that even in this way that contributes to the popularity of this SUV. Our opinion is that Land Rover will not sue Chinese company because it is not possible to obtain a lawsuit, unofficially because that company Landwind protects the patent on this design in the Chinese market and therefore there are no grounds for the lawsuit.

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