2017 Tesla Roadster Price, Efficient Engine and Improved Drive

The Tesla is planning to revive the production of the Roadster. The battery electric vehicle was produced for the first time in 2008 in the United States making it the first all-electric vehicle to travel on the country’s highways. Its production was stopped in 2012, but the American automobile manufacturer is planning to reintroduce the car. The upcoming model will be known as 2017 Tesla Roadster.

2017 Tesla Roadster front

2017 Tesla Roadster – Fresh New Look Promised:

According to the car manufacturer, the new sports car will be based on the “Gen 3” platform architecture. With this platform, you can look forward to a compact and lightweight car with improved speed and lowered electric energy consumption. Its entire body will look elegant, sleek, modern and of course sporty.

The front end of 2017 Tesla Roadster resembles that of Tesla Model S. There will be a chromed-framed nose and thin & pointed headlights. This side will also get two ridges running from the headlights to the windshield. The major features in the rear end will be an enhanced diffuser, a bigger spoiler, a well-positioned exhaust outlet and LED taillights.

The interior of 2017 Tesla Roadster will be characterized by luxury and technology. You can look forward to premium materials like Nappa leather, top-notch trim like polished zinc & aluminum and classic upholstery. The automaker will bring in new color schemes that will make the cabin more beautiful and stunning.

On the side of technology, there will a bigger touchscreen and manual & digital controls on the center console. The car’s infotainment system will support connectivity features like navigation, Bluetooth, high-definition cameras, Smartphone integration and Wi-Fi. Other tech features likely to appear in the sports car include climate control and a satellite radio.

2017 Tesla Roadster rear

2017 Tesla Roadster – Efficient Engine and Improved Drive:

The new all-electric Tesla sports car will come with three electric motor options. The primary option will be a 2.0-liter base, 3-phase 4-pole rated 248 hp and 200 lb-ft. There will also be a 2.5-liter Non-Sport, 3-phase 4-pole rated 288 hp and 273 lb-ft. The last option will be a 2.5-liter Sport, 3-phase 4-pole with a capacity of 288 hp and 295 lb-ft.

The motors will be backed by a 90 kWh battery and a single speed fixed gear system. The car will record a top speed of 155 mph and will take 2.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. being an all-electric vehicle, the Roadster will save on fuel costs and record insignificant pollution rates.

Safety and Security:

Tesla will not leave anything to chance when it comes to safety and security of the Roadster. It will equip the car with features such as lane-change warnings, parking assist, high-definition rearview camera, adaptive cruise control, seat belts, anti-lock braking system and airbags.

2017 Tesla Roadster – Date of Arrival and Price:

According to the car maker, the new Roadster will be sold at a six-figure price. The starting price is anticipated to be $135,000. The premium models will sell at higher prices. The top model is expected to cost around $150,000. As for the release date, the Tesla sports car will hit the market in the second quarter of 2017 or later.


The main rivals of the upcoming 2017 Tesla Roadster include Detroit Electric SP:1, Audi R8 E-Tron, Lamborghini Huracan, Chevy Corvette Z06, McLaren 650S, Dodge Viper, Acura NSX, Ford GT, Mercedes-Benz AMG GT and Porsche 911 Turbo.

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