Toyota U2 Concept

Making its entry in the fast growing utility van market; Toyota showcased the Toyota U2 Concept at the Toronto Motor Show in February 2016. The U2 is pronounced as U-squared and it refers to the urban utility. This car has ample space and can be used as a delivery van, mail van, food van or an equipment carrier for urban professionals and businesses. It looks like a crossover between a mini SUV and mini coupe and all the seats except the driver’s seat can be taken off; this is to create more room with the design idea being “to provide maximum storage within small dimensions.” Fuel efficiency is also set to be high for this concept car, now that the design is out Toyota are planning to make this concept a reality.

Toyota U2 Concept front
Toyota U2 Concept – Unique Feature:

The exterior of the Toyota U2 Concept resembles the Nissan S-Cargo van that was popular some years back. The front part looks tough and masculine with the front grille and bumper being made of hard plastic with narrow front headlights expected to be LED lights. Just where the front seats end; the roof bulges upwards and sideways for increased cargo space. There will be lots of plastic on the chassis that is mostly made up of carbon fiber. Three entry points will be in this car; two at the front and one at the back which opens upwards. There will also be a retractable drop-down tailgate on the rear that can double up as a ramp, the roof is also retractable. This car is meant for urban driving and will have large wheels with a wide wheelbase to support all the cargo weight. Towing capacity is also expected to be high although this information has not been released yet.

The interior of the Toyota U2 Concept just has one seat; the drivers. An optional removable passenger seat can be installed at the buyer’s request. Back seats are set to flip up and fold towards the windows if Toyota decides to install them. The dashboard has been simplified with all features moving to the driver’s side, this is to allow cargo that measures up to 4×8 to fit in without destroying gadgets. Legroom and headroom for the driver are sufficient given the spacious cabin, with comfort not guaranteed in this urban utility vehicle. The dashboard is made up of hardened plastic and rubber with quality fabric covering the single seat. For infotainment, the Toyota U2 Concept will have a fourth generation iPad or Nexus 9 tablet for navigation and entertainment. The speakers will have to be added by the buyer because this is a utility vehicle and that is deemed to be an unnecessary feature.

Toyota U2 Concept interior

Toyota U2 Concept – Dependable Engine:

This is a car still in its concept stage and Toyota has not given any details on its drive-train. It is expected that it will have a petrol engine and a hybrid engine option. Fuel efficiency for the futuristic Toyota U2 Concept is also expected to be high with carbon emissions lowered to a minimum.

Toyota U2 Concept rear

Toyota U2 Concept – Rumors Date and Price:

As with the engine, the release date and price are yet to be known. It is expected that these details will be made available when Toyota showcases the Toyota U2 again in subsequent motor shows that will happen in the last quarter of 2016.

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