2017 Volvo S80 Review, Exterior Design

Talking about cars of the future and not mentioning the 2017 Volvo S80 is not right in any way. Individuals that are looking for a functional, high performance, elegant and luxurious car for daily use, the new model s80 is the right choice for you. The automaker has gathered all the knowledge acquired over the years and summed it up to come up with a car that will meet the expectations of the modern-day car buyer. The 2017 S80 model has undergone many changes compared to its predecessors making it much better in terms of performance, elegance and design. Some of the changes mentioned above are listed below.

2017 Volvo S80 front view

2017 Volvo S80 –  Stylish Exterior Design:

The 2017 Volvo S80 will be larger than the previous model to create enough room for passengers and storage. Due to the large size, the manufacturer had to use a lightweight material in the production of the vehicle to reduce its total weight. The lightweight material used is durable and strong enough to protect the occupants in the event of an accident. Reducing the weight of the car helps in boosting the car’s performance and fuel economy. The 2017 Volvo S80 will also be fitted with an LED lighting system that enhances visibility and aesthetics of the entire automobile. The car will also be a little bit lower than previous models to give it stability when cruising at high speeds.

Interior Design:

The interior of the new Volvo S80 has been designed to meet the luxury needs and elegance of the modern-day consumer. The seats will be equipped with a heating system and ventilation. They will be covered by high-end leather material; this is also available in the base model. Like most modern vehicles, there will be a state of the art infotainment system. The entertainment system comes with a seven-inch touchscreen on the dashboard, which will control most of the fundamental functions of the automobile. The steering will be equipped with buttons for easy control of some other functions in the car.

2017 Volvo S80 interior

2017 Volvo S80 – Under the Hood:

The car will be fitted with a higher performance engine that will improve on the Volvo S80 fuel economy. The engine will be a 2 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that is capable of producing 240 hp. The fuel economy will be around 25/37 mpg. The automaker will most likely include a more powerful engine capable of 300 hp, and it will be a supercharged 2-liter power train. It is not apparent if the manufacturer will add a diesel engine, but speculations are that a 2-liter diesel capable of 170 hp will be part of the engine variants.

2017 Volvo S80 side

2017 Volvo S80 – Expected Date of Arrival and Price:

The release date for the Volvo S80 coupe is not out yet, but the vehicle is supposed to hit the market late in the year 2017 if not earlier. The base price for the 2017 Volvo S80 is set to be 44,500 thousand dollars, and the price will increase by 20,000 thousand dollars for the supercharged and the turbocharged engine options. The article covers some of the fundamental changes to be seen in the 2017 S80 model. However, you can get additional information about the 2017 Volvo S80 by visiting your local Volvo dealership.

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