2017 VW CrossBlue Price, Attractive Design

The 2017 VW CrossBlue is Volkswagen’s new upcoming release that is primarily targeted for the US automobile market. The future design of this crossover was first introduced at the 2015 Detroit auto show. The car is expected to move into the production phase by 2016. The 2017 VW CrossBlue is looking to repair the low performance in terms of sales percentage which was the result of its previous model. The car is expected to feature the best in interior comfort elements, exterior design, and a power-train configuration that will be the envy of its close competitors.

2017 VW CrossBlue front view

2017 VW CrossBlue – Attractive Design:

The new 2017 VW CrossBlue SUV will be based on the flexible MBQ platform that will see the car lose some of its previous weight. It will measure about 196.3 inches long and 79.3 inches wide. This means that the car will certainly be bigger in size compared to its previous model and thus, should be capable of housing more passengers along with more cargo. The seating capacity of this three-row full-size SUV will come between VW’s Tuareg and Tiguan models. It will also have slimmer headlights, a slim front grille shape; bold front bumpers which will accentuate the aggressive nature of the car. The car will have a blue tone that will set its luxury value to an unprecedented level. There will be clear-cut lines that will add some needed detailing to the body of the car and extend up to its rear.

The CrossBlue will also feature several changes in its interior. VW will set a cool undertone through the use of neutral colors which will result in a relaxing feeling for both the driver and passengers. Various technological advancements are also expected to be featured in the 2017 VW CrossBlue such as; superior quality audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, and a collection of various safety tools like rear parking sensors, satellite navigation, and airbags for safety.
2017 VW CrossBlue interior

2017 VW CrossBlue – Engine and Performance:

The VW CrossBlue’s engine and power-train option are going to feature a combination of hybrid and diesel. It will come with the EA288 2-liter turbo diesel four-cylinder engine. It will also be equipped with two electric motors and is going to come with the 6 speed DSG dual clutch automatic transmission. The diesel engine of the VW CrossBlue will be capable of producing 190 HP and a torque of 280 lb-ft. The electric motor that will be installed on the front will be capable of producing 54 horsepower and a torque of 133 lb-ft. The unit that will be mounted at the rear will have the capability of producing 114 to 199 horsepower. The car will be capable of running at a speed of 127 mph on a road from 0 – 60 in just about 7 seconds.

2017 VW CrossBlue side view

2017 VW CrossBlue – Price and Release Date:

The new SUV has not yet received an official release date but it is expected to come in the fall of 2016. The price has also not yet been announced but it should be around $32,000.

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