VW XL1 Concept

Volkswagen’s dream of coming up with a high-end car will soon be realized. The company surprised the whole automobile industry by introducing a smart and fuel efficient concept during the Auto Expo 2012 held in New Delhi. The VW XL1 Concept will certainly be an impressive model that will comprise of improved design and style. Its enthusiasts describe it as a stunning model, a vehicle of the future designed for today’s generation. It’s lightweight and sleek design makes it clear that this model will deliver the best performance on fuel efficiency. The XL1 was once a myth, but Volkswagen automakers have now confirmed its reality.

VW XL1 Concept front view

VW XL1 Concept – Unique Feature and Design:

The automakers of VW XL1 Concept will use ground-breaking technologies to build a lightweight vehicle that will make astonishing mileage possible. Carbon fiber will literally be used on the entire body of this car to reduce its weight. Lightweight dampers, as well as magnesium wheels, are also designed to reduce its weight. The front area will be dominated by traditional radiator grille flanked by LED headlights. Skinny tires will provide a more comfortable ride up to city speed. The XL1 will adopt a classic tear-drop shape, and will only be 50.47 inches in its height. This XL1 model will be featured by electrically controlled air vents, new and redesigned headlamps as well as wholly covered rear wheels that prevent drag. To enhance its cool look, Volkswagen will install scissor-opening doors. This model will also replace traditional wing mirrors with small cameras commonly known as e-mirrors that will transmit images to interior displays.

When it comes to the interior of XL1 Concept, few changes will be seen, and the biggest one will be on seat arrangements. Two seats will also be made of carbon reinforced polymer material to help reduce this car’s weight while dashboard will be made of chopped wood fiber. Moreover, the XL1 will be able to haul a small amount of cargo. This vehicle will offer a comfortable ride to its users. Ceramic disc brakes will be provided on its interior to enhance its safety. The aluminum dual wishbone suspension at this car’s front area and semi-trailing link rear suspension will offer a more comfortable ride. Also, air conditioners will be available in this car.

VW XL1 Concept interior

VW XL1 concept – Main Power Unit:

VW XL1 Concept will be powered by a 0.8-liter dual-cylinder TDi engine. Its engine will be mated with an electric motor that will be powered by a lithium-ion battery. The engine will be harnessed to a seven-speed twin clutch transmission. The car will take about 11.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, and its top speed will be around 100 mph.

VW XL1 Concept side view

VW XL1 Concept – Date of Arrival and Expected Price:

The VW XL1 Concept will start to retail at a price of about $98,000. This new model will be launched in the market at the end of 2016.

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